I have sold a lot of real estate since 1998 and this marketing and advertising framing is surprising.

The question to ask is what "ugly" translates to when it comes to money being made by a home seller?

Does "ugly" indicate to a home seller they are about to take a hit in their pocketbook? Maybe that indicates that the agent who advertises they buy ugly homes is all about charity and will buy the ugly home at a premium?

Or at least for the amount any home buyer would offer the seller of the ugly home?

These are questions that I consider when I see agent's marketing themselves in this way.

What is the agent's intention? Is it like the agent I encountered years ago who told me never to tell a home seller what their home is really worth? He said that if a seller thinks their home is worth $200,000, for example, but it's really worth $500,000.00, buy it for the $200k and flip it and make more money.

That is downright criminal and I was shocked to hear that with my own ears. And so soon after I was not a full-time cop any longer :)

Some people are horrible, I get that. In business, in service industries, in other parts of life - despicable.

However, if you are a potential home seller and want to get to the bottom of the question if you have an ugly home or not, make sure you go to the local Santa Clarita real estate expert.

You can always approach those that "specialize" in ugly houses. First, find out how much the regular real estate market will bear and how much you can sell your home for.

If you reverse the process and speak with those who are going to buy your home directly themselves, you may be surprised to learn they are not willing to give you market value.

They also may state things like in order to have your home sold regularly, you are going to have to fix this and that. You are going to have to put 20k worth of new flooring in. You will also have to invest $5,000 in the paint. Then you are going to have to deal with the atrocious curb appeal and have the exterior of the home re-stuccoed and your planters overflowing with perennials. However, if you let me buy it, that will save you $40,000.00 in upfront costs and a multitude of headaches.

Or, you could have a real live Realtor who specializes in selling homes within your city/neighborhood let you know what the true value of your home really is. Give you the truth about what needs to be fixed and what does not. Let you know how "competitive" you can be with your home being sold "AS IS". Cover what needs to be modified and how your home can best be marketed and advertised in its present condition.

Various people have different strategies in the listings of real estate and homes for sale. Your bottom line and ultimate intention are your own.

I would only offer you another solution before you sell yourself and your real estate short of what you would potentially get even with paying real estate commissions in the process.

I have found in my real estate travels, since 1998, some things are best left in the hands of professionals. People that have cut their teeth on real estate and that tell it like it is without the need to trick or deceive.

People that walk in those types of shoes are valuable and the reason why we in the top 1% of real estate agents.

Start Here

I have found sellers that have interviewed direct buyers from companies that are selling them on not having to do any repairs, versus bringing their homes to fair shape. The sellers that make small changes, repairs and modifications get a much larger return even after paying real estate agents a commission.

Think of it this way, the direct buyer's are going to need enough room to pay to fix your home, they are going to need to have it placed onto the multiple listing service, advertised and marketed and then represented by someone with a real estate license who will sell it.

Or - they will have to prepare the home they bought directly from you for a renter/tenant. They will have to have the home advertised in the multiple listing service and have a licensed real estate agent or property management company take it from there, thereby having to pay them a fee as well.

Second opinions are very necessary when it comes to selling a home in a traditional and non-traditional way. You will want to speak with multiple agents on either side to make the best decisions.

Don't get caught in the "new age" lingo that will be thrown around at you like a two dollar... - Well you get the gist.

Ask the agents you are interviewing questions.

How fast will my home sell? - a good gage of an experienced real estate agent. While some, in order to get your business, may give you a number, that number can never be guaranteed. If the agent is giving you a guarantee as to how fast your home will sell, have them put it in writing. If the agent is going to bring you the buyer, double check everything. It's also okay if you feel uncomfortable with your own agent representing the home buyer also. I always tell my sellers I'll refer them out if they themselves don't feel comfortable having me represent both sides of the real estate transaction. In fact, I prefer to be on one side only, either my home buyers or my home sellers. I fight better when I'm 100% in on a single side, as most people can attest to.

What should I do to prepare my home for sale? - we have a cool video series that speaks about cleaning, decluttering and organizing a home for sale. It also speaks about depersonalizing and returning all the rooms to their original intended purpose. Here is my top 10 on what you should consider - The landscaping - clean it up and make it pop. Pressure wash and clean the outside of the home itself. A seller home inspection is not a bad idea, that way you are completely transparent. Change house numbers, and front door paint, this also should pop! Why not get a new Welcome Mat? As stated before, you need to remove all of the personal and family photos and kid art from the home. Transferring clutter from inside of the home to the garage is okay. Kitchen cabinets - organize them and the closets also. The roomier the better in a home buyer's eyes. Make the home q-tip clean in every corner, inside of every window frame, on the tops of door frames, everywhere! Paint if possible - neutral colors are best - light earth/coffee tones. Febreze - original scent is a must even in homes without strange smells. Never scented - the original Febreze in spray and plugins. It does not "add" to in the way of scents which can be confused with covering up something you don't want home buyers to smell. This particular brand of scent neutralizer or air freshener - neutralizes and does not cover up. This will also remove the "good scents" also, FYI!

Have you sold any of the neighboring homes? "What have you sold that is similar to my home?" (the better more open-ended question) - there is value in experience. Neighboring homes can mean real estate listings on the same street or homes which are located within a mile or more radius.

How accurate are you with your listing prices versus sales prices? - this may be answered in a percentage - like 2-5%. That means if we are speaking about a $100,000.00 dollar home, if that really existed, the span for the agent's accuracy is anywhere between $2000 and $5000 dollars from the amount they had the homes listed to the amount the homes sold for. Just knowing this number is beneficial for a real estate agent and will show you as the potential seller you are interviewing someone who cares about performance. The case being made that agents of this type will not take listings at higher than they can be sold for, barring any market shifts entering the equation.

Are you part of a real estate team where I will have to deal with others besides you? "What is your real estate teams operational theory and structure?" (better more open-ended phrasing of the question) - a big complaint with real estate teams pertains to the listing agent never speaking with the home seller after the initial interview and the signing of contracts. That is not how it should be, but unfortunately, agents hear in order for them to be successful they need a person on their team that is responsible for every little thing. Like a Listing Coordinator, an advertising and marketing coordinator, and a Chief moral officer - etc... This is not true, verify that you are going to be dealing with whom you originally hired to represent you. Make it clear that you will not accept any deviation from your standard. If that happens you will cancel your real estate listing immediately.

How are you going to counter the offer's received? - there will be typical items included in most counter offers that will be generated by savvy real estate agents. The items contained in a counter offer will help the seller's position within the transaction if it were to be accepted and executed by all parties. You don't have to be an expert in real estate to hear the countering terms and see if they have your best interest at their core.

I know that most homeowners don't view their homes as being ugly. They are living inside, therefore there is a certain pride if it only applies to themselves and not their home. The best ways in which to get the bottom line covered is to get multiple opinions when it comes to selling anything ugly or pretty.

The other thing that a home seller of a proposed ugly home can do is see what similar properties that have sold in their own neighborhood. If they live in a city what is organized by tract codes, this will be simple. If their city is filled with custom homes that have been built by many different builders in a small radial circle, that will make it harder.

There are various property valuation systems that rely on the MLS data which we have access to concerning the local Santa Clarita Valley market. You enter your address and email on a protected real estate website, such as ours, will not violate any privacy concerns. If you enter your address and email on a real estate syndication website, you can bet that your personal and private information is going to be sold to agents willing to pay for it and sold to other corporations like home improvement warehouses, grocery stores and other local businesses - like car dealerships and become part of mass mailing lists.

I'll be here when you are ready. To have a valuation performed on what some may consider being your Ugly Santa Clarita home, just click on the "Sell" link at the top of this page of our pretty Santa Clarita real estate website :)

You will be glad you did. You will then have your own personal and private information protected by me, Connor T. MacIvor. Please check out the other resources that we post often at Santa Clarita Valley blog which is everything real estate related to what is the best Santa Clarita real estate services provided to you by my elite SCV real estate team.