It is not an industry term, "Wack-ed".  However, it makes a great title, and a better video brought to our Team by REMAX International.

This is another video that gets into some of the "talent" behind the scenes of the REMAX Brand.

California homes Housing HavenI know exactly how many people are searching for REMAX by Brand name.  How many people are typing in REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia or variations there of, into Google. (it is more than substantial, proven by our listing times, days on market and list to sales price ratios)

A question that was posed recently is why a Seller should work with our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia versus other agents that are within the local market?

The answer that we give is more of a "homework oriented" assignment.  I ask our potential clients to search the way in which buyers are going to be searching for homes for sale.  If we are doing a Real Estate listing demo in our offices, I remove the "personal results" from the search results when "showing off" our local brand on our Office Computers with clients. (that's only fair).

The agents at the tops of those search results, as Paris911 is, are going to be contacted and asked for help when it comes to buying real estate.

Which real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley get talked about first?  Those that are listed with the Paris911 Team, of course.

Be safe - Housing Haven dot com is coming soon - I think you are going to really like it.  Be safe and we will talk soon.