You might have heard that print advertising is a thing of the past and everything should be dumped into the Internet, Pay Per Click, and Search Engine Optimization.

Not entirely... How is your market?  To whom do you make a stronger effort to provide your service or product to?  I know you want to sell everyone, but that might not be the best way to approach your business.

If you sell Transmissions - Advertising and targeting the Shoe Repair Business Owners will do you very little good.  But creating a Niche Market by Employment or Business will.  Focusing on the Transmission Resellers, the Automotive Shops and Dealerships will make the difference between good and BEST.  How about the private Auto Mechanics?  I bet you can find a lot of their services on Craigslist - Reach out and let them know about your Transmissions and how wonderful they are.

Keeping your Ad Simple is key.  Don't overwhelm the viewer to a point of wanting to turn the page. When I went through all of the Instructor Schools with the LAPD - They wanted to limit the Power Point Slides during presentations to about 6 bullet points. Research had shown that any more would become hard to read and more difficult to remember.

The same will work with your publication print.  Keep your topics, services and products short, direct and to the point.  It will serve you and your business Well!

If you are a local Santa Clarita Business or a Business that contributes to the Other Local SCV Businesses, Residents and or quality of life for the Santa Clarita Living World - Please contact us to be on our Local SCV Moves Radio Show sponsored by Blog Talk Radio.  It is fun and will do wonders for your Business and recognition.  Best of All - It is FREE.  Be Safe and Let us know how we can help you!