real estate financing in the Santa Clarita Valley

Interest rates are not the lowest they have been - but they are close to that level even with some of the minor hikes in rates during the past few days.  We have also seen the change with regard to the local lending guidelines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - both are available for buyers that only want to put 3.5% down payment.  We have also been representing a lot of VA buyers that have been purchasing Santa Clarita real estate.  The Conventional Lending arm at the Santa Clarita lending houses is available for you when you click on the photo.  We will be glad to run interference for you when it comes to refinancing or getting a brand new loan on a Santa Clarita house.

Is paying off a mortgage a good idea? Who doesn't love the idea of one less bill? For the majority of us our biggest monthly payment is our mortgage and having that off our plates gives us the sense of a much easier life. But is it a good financial move?

The most relevant questions to ask are: How long do I plan to live in my home? Is that money better used elsewhere? Often the goal of a homeowner is to have a home paid for by retirement so that life can be enjoyed as debt-free as possible. So, if you plan on living in your home for the long term having it paid for early is a bonus.

Is the money you are using to pay off your mortgage early better spent elsewhere? Many people borrow against their homes to pay for their children’s college or to start a business. There are times when using your money to make more money can make sense.

The bottom line is to take a good, hard look at your finances. If you don’t have higher interest debts to pay off and your money is best spent paying off your home you will be enjoying a debt-free life a lot sooner than most.

We have seen the housing market in the Santa Clarita Valley grow much more competitive.  With the inordinate amount of buyers and the lack of available homes for sale, some buyers are getting quite pent up.  But, I am sure a release is coming soon.  Have a listen to our Real Estate Daily podcast for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  You can get the latest show by heading over to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website at REMAX of Santa Clarita and typing into the macBoX the word "Daily".

Also - if you want to see the latest in New Construction centers and new home builders that are available for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We implemented a new home and new builder map for the Santa Clarita Cities and the rest of Southern California on our Home Page at Paris911 dot com.  By clicking on the new home locations tab just above our Real Estate search maps, you will see all of the new housing sales centers with their model homes in all of So. Cal.

Reminder - if new housing is going to be your fit when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate, make sure you are calling a professional to represent you and to meet you for your first time at the new housing tract.  It's very important because your real estate broker can get you $$$, discounts on upgrades and or reductions in the sales prices of the new homes at most new home builder sites.  We have been very productive at these locations with our clients and can be with you too!