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The question of the day comes from a loyal reader of the Santa Clarita business blog.

Jamie, who asks if it's okay for a competitor to ask for her to reveal her secrets on marketing. Well you know one thing, it's okay if you want answer but any question should be appropriate for any venue even those questions from competitors.

The way I see it, is that I would never asked one of my competitors how they get their business. But, that doesn't mean other people are thinking in the same way. I would think that when asked, someone should be quite flattered, that the competition wants to know their secret, other secret, because they're apparently doing the right thing.

So here's how I would handle it, if it really bothered me I would tell my competition I cannot give up any of my secrets, because I'm very insecure about my ranking within my particular business. Or, I could tell him thanks for asking but all of those questions you're asking about my business are nobody else's business.

Is the end of the day, you don't want to get your business competition involve than trying to one up you more venomously then maybe they would've done before. That's why I always try to help out other business professionals, even my same industry.

Besides, most other people that are your competition probably are not as passionate as you are about your business. In fact, they are probably happy Irene people to do their own Internet marketing and SCO themselves. They say that they would rather do it that way, so it gives them more time to get customers. That logic, I want more time to get more customers, defeats the purpose of hiring out that service. From the point of view, of not having the business or the customers if you're not visible on the Internet. In addition no one, can be as passionate, as you can about your particular business or service.

It only takes a few minutes each day, just like losing weight wake wink, but it only takes a little time to learn your way around content marketing, blogging, and social media.