imageDiversification?  All right I had to look it up to make sure I actually understood the true meaning.  Before looking at Wiki on Line for the definition – I was sure it meant having your eggs in many baskets which would go opposite to having all your eggs in one.

This stems from an article that references that specialization and diversification are the two reasons that Realtors are still in the business during this difficult time.

I think it is because of hard work.  I know I am up at 0300 most days,  Because from 0300 to 0630, it is quiet with no phone calls and very few emails – Except spam.  Today, May 17 I am 41 years old and I was up at 0400hrs – I thought I would sleep in on my birthday :-)

I am not sure I agree with all of the interaction we have with other agents that are still “in the business”.  I do know there is a bit of a noticeable vacancy at the Real Estate offices in the Santa Clarita Valley.  With a lot of the “survivors” at the water machine speaking as if all of those that did not pack the gear to serve in real estate, should have listened to their advice when the market was going down.

When I hear that crap, it just dumfounds me.  But I get my coffee and retire back to my office to serve the clients best interests.  I don’t hang with those in the industry that are bellyaching all of the time.  It drains me and then I start viewing life from their point of view.  So I decided a long time ago not to be associated with the complainers, the mal contents, or anyone else in the industry that has a negative view of anything.

I know this market will not be here for very much longer.  There has been a true thinning of the flock in real estate.  But I know that true “client representation” businesses will always have a place in any market, whether up or down.  If you are in sales, just keep swimming and you will see that it will work itself out!