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Mike Chupa withMichael Chupa Studioswas our guest on today's Broadcast of the SCV Moves Radio show HQ'd in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Paris and I have known Mike for the past 8 years at least.  He is our Publisher that takes great care of us with theLos Angeles County Sheriff's Department ALADS Newsletter.Besides being one of the most professional publication specialists and graphic designers that we have ever worked with, Mike has an entire "other side" to his persona.

Tune in to listen to theRadio Show that will give you Mike Chupais a totally different light.  Also, have a look at his Website that gives you the intel about what he does and how he will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Some of the services that you can obtain at Michael Chupa Studios are:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Campaign Services
  • Large Format Printing
  • Book Publication
From the Mind of Mike Chupa:
As a company, Michael Chupa Studios specializes in things I enjoy, including graphic design, website design, campaign services, large format printing, and other fun stuff, like book publishing and design, illustration and even comedy (sketch, commercial parody and stand-up).
I started the company in 1990 while still in grad school at Cal State LA (getting my MA in Cultural Anthropology, obviously a natural precursor to graphic design), to make a little extra money for school. As it turned out, I really enjoyed the work and, upon graduation in 1992, pursued the company full-time.
Our services have evolved over time, from typesetting to photo-retouching, publication design, to website design and social media development. Flexibility and adaptability have been extremely important to our survival and success, as they no doubt are for most businesses.
We work for a wide variety of clientelle, from trade and labor associations (like ALADS, for whom we design and layout their newspaper, amongst other things) to corporate trainers (for whom we design workbooks and Powerpoint presentations), governmental and public entities (Pasadena Water and Power and JPL are past clients), schools and sports leagues (for whom we create personalized Wall Clings), private companies, political consultants serving local, county, state and Congressional candidates and issues across the political spectrum, and the like.
We have recently begun assisting authors in designing and publishing their books through Amazon's Publishing-on-Demand platform, and we are in the process of publishing our own project entitled "The Splinter Effect." The book is a sci-fi, political thriller about the end of world, and will be released initially as a novel through Amazon this summer and then as a serialized graphic novel, both online and in print. Amazon's platform is, I think, a revolution in publishing, as it brings to the general public the tools to publish and disseminate books that have been heretofore only available to large publishing houses.
We create custom Wall Clings, primarily for school sports leagues, where we photograph players and then create and print professional banners and wall clings for them.
Thanks Mike for coming onto the Radio Show today.  If you want to reach out to Mike at anytime in the future that would be @choopdog .