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When it comes to anything that is real estate related - We go through a lot of information during our initial meeting.  We call it our Crash course on Real Estate.  Some of our "cohorts" have said that it is not their job to teach their clients about real estate.  We are not teaching someone how to be a realtor or how to market and get leads - We are giving them the information about Real Estate that will ensure their safety.

Craving a Donut

Even though this title does not seemingly have anything to do with educating our clients - I have to say I did not become a police officer back in the day, because of my love for Hot and Fresh Donuts.  It was about protection.  Keeping those that were living in the different communities that I patrolled, safe from those predators.  Little did I know, but Real estate has those same types of "predators".  They may not be using snub nosed .44 mag's to take your money - but some are using some pretty fancy suits, offices and 'well educated' scripts to get your green.

When Abstinence is better

If I were looking around needing to purchase a particular product or service and was not able to find someone that had my best interest at heart, I'd not buy and keep looking.  It is going to be a long time before real estate shoots up in value 30K a month without any reason.  It is going to be a long time until interest rates are going to be in the double digits.  However, money is going to be hard to obtain, even if your Fico Scores make it appear as if you walk on water.

Look around on-line, do some Googling - Find that Good Fit.  What I would be looking for are those that are not scared to present.  Those that have something to say about the current real estate market.  Those that have a voice.  Set up an in person meeting at their offices, not at a property, but at their office.  Sit down and listen.  If they are a good fit for you - then go for it.  If you are feeling as if you are being "sold" - then detach and do some further investigation.

How important is your choice(the mold)reference

It will make the difference between you making the largest investment of your life and suffering.  (and)  Making the largest investment of your life and being well protected.  We have walked into more than one home where we have visually seen mold (not mildew), but hard core black mold.  During our latest event with our buyers, I said, Ok, we are out of here.  The husband said to me that they love the home, I said, "remember my disclaimer about mold?"  He did not, and I reminded him - We left and went to look at other properties.

Get the facts, get good advice and stay loyal to your Realtor.