OMG - better get out there and buy a home today!!!  Interest rates are going through the roof - Run for the HILLS!!!!

jk(just kidding) - that is what you are going to find that people that have a vested interest in real estate will be talking about - in actuality - interest rates went from 3.37 to 3.42 - Five 10th's?

Paris911 real estate reportsIf I did the math right that is nothing to start having a panic attack over.

When buying a home - don't ever do anything that is going to place you with those that do everything with a knee jerk reaction.  Take it easy and make sure you are working with professionals.

Today in the Santa Clarita Valley we have had 12 new listings hit the market for sale in the past 24 hours - here is the break down of those:

10 of those are Standard Sales - mostly flips and 1 REO, (actual bank owned foreclosure) and the other one is a Short Sale listing that seems to be heading to Auction.

If you want more information about anyone of these Sales Types in the SCV - head over to our Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MaCBox the word "new" without the quotes.

Did you see the new home page to Paris911 dot com?  We made it much simpler and hope you enjoy it's Minimalist presentation.

Features - don't forget to use the Google Search Bar - any real estate question you want the answer too, we probably have written about it.

We also just did a video talking about how Paris911 dot com has been re-vamped.  Enjoy and Talk soon...