Does this strike you as odd?  Interest rates climbing through the roof - OMG - you better get out there and buy something now :)

If you have been reading our Paris911 Real estate posts - you know better than to think that is how we conduct business.  That Pressure Game - It's not a good fit for my Team of Realtors, it never has been.

Paris911 santa clarita agentsIn fact, speaking about "interest rates" rising - they may have been going up - but it's only been about the width of the hair on a Nat's A*s.

Therefore, don't panic - the home prices have been going up too as a result of inventory issues and not having real estate inventory to sell our real estate clients.  However, these things never stay the same and I'm confident that new, fresh and lower is on the horizon.

We have seen record lows with regard to interest rates in the past.  I have a feeling this year - 2013 there are going to be more records broken related to interest rates.

We are also watching and hoping for new real estate inventory - currently our Santa Clarita real estate sellers are elated - knowing they are running the show with regard to selling their homes due to the lack of "for sale" inventory.  Real Estate buyer frustration is running at an all time high on a local Santa Clarita Valley level.

Below are the latest additions to the homes for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - Click on the banner for more - these are the three most recent additions to the for sale market in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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