Where did this come from?

From time to time, I replace the information posted at our "Mother" Website of Paris911.com with new information and a positive message.  I never throw anything away - so the information that is deleted - is placed on one of our blog platforms.  The information is always "green" in nature and is self-updating so it never grows old.

We have just posted three new Market Data Updates for three of the Cities in the Santa Clarita Valley:

Santa Clarita Real Estate agents and bloggers.  I remember the time when Blogging was what one did about their family, vacation, and other things about personal topics.

Today that has gone 180 degrees.  The most active real estate agents are writing a lot of content.  Some are talking about themselves and how great they are.

The ones that "get it" are talking about things that Clients have questions about.  Real Estate Experiences that their clients have had - maybe with a bit about themselves - but everything that is typed is to give Value First to anyone that is searching for answers.

A Few things that you will want to know about Local Real Estate Agents. Find one that you are comfortable with and stick with them. They know the market, they know where the mello roos are and they know the neighborhoods.  Most, have families, and they also know where the best schools are or can direct you to a source that keeps that kind of data.

We do a lot of Video's.  Most are about Real Estate news in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have our 7 Day a Week Real estate presentations on YouTube and give small - quick - snippets about different topics about Real Estate in the SCV and in surrounding areas.