Remodeling your Santa Clarita Home's Kitchen

If the kitchen is large enough - the Island is where everything it going to happen.  I have been through the typical sales courses and have found the following to be true of homeowners.  If you are selling something and are not let past the front door, you are being viewed as a stranger.  If you are invited in to be allowed to sit in the formal living room, you are a little bit better than a stranger.  If you are invited into the homeowner's kitchen, you are being viewed as part of the family.  The Kitchen is the place where most of the family congregates on a multiple time per day basis.

When representing Sellers of Santa Clarita real estate, we find that having an intimate knowledge of what buyers want in the homes for sale in Santa Clarita Valley is extremely important.  Having three buyers agents on our direct staff at the Paris911 Team at REMAX, in addition to Paris and I, we have the intel Sellers in Santa Clarita CA want to know when it comes to getting the answer to the question of, "What are buyers wanting in today's real estate market?"

One of the biggest complaints comes to the surface when we are in the kitchen of the Santa Clarita Valley home that is for sale.  Most other areas of the home can be overlooked, if the laundry is downstairs instead of being upstairs.  If the rooms are a bit smaller than expected.  If the yard is not as long as was desired.  However, the kitchen is the room that has very little "wiggle" room with most buyers in today's Santa Clarita real estate market.  That is why we educate our Real estate sellers about the kitchen in their homes.  We talk about the easiest way to get some things done in the way of upgrades, including making the island more appealing to any SCV home buyer.

In the kitchen it’s all about the island. Let’s face it everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen. As a result the kitchen has become one of the most versatile rooms in a home and the more useful it appears the more appealing a home can be to a prospective buyer. One of the most appealing features is the versatile island.

A kitchen island can be used for informal meals, meals for the kids, a work space for paying bills or doing homework, and of course an extra counter space on which to chop, dice, and slice. Islands come with cook-tops  a prep sink, or other added bonus features making them more versatile for cooking and entertaining.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home and when it comes to selling an attractive kitchen can seal the deal when it comes to attracting a buyer. When you consider adding value to your home consider the kitchen and keep abreast of current trends. An island can make life easier in so many ways, while adding value when it comes time to sell.

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