The topic of love letters is discussed during our crash course on Santa Clarita - Valencia CA real estate.

When the housing market is tight, as we have had in the Santa Clarita - Valencia CA areas for the past few years, Love Letters can make the difference between you winning or losing.

Love letters only exist as a help for a real estate buyer. It's important to make the love letter personal to the seller.

Find something in common with your past, a warm memory, that can be identified with the seller's home.

For example, if the home you want to buy in a tight Santa Clarita - Valencia CA housing market, has a porch and the home you grew up in had a porch and you have fond memories, you can reference that in this way.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Seller, when I first saw the porch as I was walking up the cobblestone pathway, it immediately brought me back to my youth sitting with my grandfather as he was telling us kids stories."

It could be that the home is on a culdesac street. I'd approach that in this manner:

"As we were arriving at your home, even before going inside, I observed the culdesac location which will be great for the twins, Rachael and Donald, when they start learning to ride bicycles and playing street hockey..."

There are so many places one can go with a love letter. If you are unsure of the "focal point" of the property you are viewing, ask your Realtor. They will be able to let you know the "most loved" space the sellers would appreciate you mentioning.

Don't make the love letter fake, it always happens that memories come up and parallels exist that can be placed onto paper. Even if you are not Dickens, you can have your agent assist you.

As I stated, those offers that have accompanying love letters win over those offers that don't.

In fact, I have seen where offers that were composed of better financing or more money lost to an offer that had a well-written love letter.

Love letter Don't Dos:

Don't make the love letter gush when writing an offer at less than the listing price. If a home is not worth full price, don't write your offer at full price. However, understand that the love letter may be seen as a taunt or sarcastic.

Don't fear including everyone who is going to be living in the home within the love letter content.

Don't be scared of being upfront and honest, it goes a long way.

Don't regret writing the love letter. If it does not work out, don't look back and blame the love letter. Just get up, wipe yourself off and continue the hunt, it will happen.

Love letter Do's:

If you are able to handwrite it, that's best. As long as the sellers will be able to read your handwriting. If you write like my uncle, forget it! Typing it will be best.

Make sure to sign the love letter.

If you can have your agent obtain the seller's names, make sure to address them with respect. Mr and Mrs are always good and carries with it your honoring the sellers.

A color photo is a must to have included with the love letter. The photo should be of those who are going to be living in the home.

I'm Connor MacIvor, some consider me the doctor of love - JK - but I am pretty good at this real estate thing and have been so since 1998. Please let me know how I may serve you and I'll be here to take great care of your Santa Clarita - Valencia CA real estate needs.