I remember something that my dad used to say when he caught me hammering away at something with a Crescent Wrench.  "Son, if you were going to use a hammer to pound that in, it would be easier - Use the right tool for the right job..."

Sage advice and I always remember that when I am building real estate systems on-line for our clients and customers.  Anyone that knows The Paris911 Brand, they know we hate the BS that some generate with regard to their lead generation attempts.

Onto the Current Real Estate Inventory for the Santa Clarita real estate community:

Santa Clarita daily radio showThe Santa Clarita valley communities are reporting the following numbers regarding Real Estate in our valley.

New Listings have been reported as 12 coming onto the market for sale in the past 24 hours.

4 Listings have had price changes on them within the Santa Clarita Valley cities - some prices go up and some go down - mostly up - due to the Short Sales on the market and the Banks not wanting to accept the Agent's Fair Market Value estimation.

We had 9 properties BOMb - Go from being in escrow to being back on the market for sale.  You can check out this resource by getting with your agent and by making sure they are giving you the intel and searching for the Back on Market Listings.

One listing expired in the Santa Clarita Valley and we had 13 enter the pending status.  11 properties that were for sale. and successfully closed escrow, had recorded as "sold"(closed) within the Santa Clarita valley Cities.

This means that the market is still moving.  Interest rates are not going to be climbing up over night.  The inventory still is constrictive - however, due to the short sales and the properties selling at bulk - we are going to be getting more real estate listings in the coming months.

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