I was a smoker. Started as an adult. I did 20 years and I have not looked back after I quit a couple of years ago. It's tough to quit. I'm not writing this post about how smoking smells can kill a real estate deal from a novice point of view.

I get it, heck - they engineer them to be addictive.

However, as a reformed smoker, I will tell you that the smell of cigarette smoke in a home is not appreciated by many.

When a real estate buyer walks into a home and smells the scent of cigarette smoke, they start commenting on how difficult it will be to remedy the situation.

The know, depending on the homeowners smoking habits, the smell maybe be embedded into the paint, and worse, into the interior walls, sheetrock, and insulation.

They are concerned that they are not going to be able to remove the smell entirely, and that it will take time to fix the situation.

Then the thing about the "time aspect". Considering they may just get used to the smell to a point they don't pick up the scent any longer? Then BOOM, company comes over and makes a statement, "I did not know you smoked?"

I know as a reformed smoker I can pick up the scent, while out for a run, at 300m or more! I recently showed a home where the neighbor smokes in their backyard. This was a deal breaker for the buyers whom I showed the home. The smell was all over the exterior on the "muggy" day when I showed the home. They have small children and they did not want anything to do with it.

Even when we show homes where the homeowner is being "good" and limiting the smoker to the garage space. The smoke sticks onto their clothes and their body, over time, they bring the pungent odor inside of the home.

This too has proven to be a deal breaker for the home buyers of today.

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do is to have the individual who smokes quit. To fix the home so no one can smell the odor of the cigarettes will take some major money in the way of bleaching and painting.

In some cases, you are not going to be able to get the smell out 100%. If there has been a 30 year, 3 packs a day smoker living in the home, you may just have to pray for the best.

In most cases the homes that are occupied by cigarette smokers who smoke in any part of the home mandate a huge discount over other homes that don't have cigarette issues.

BTW - if you think that only smoking cigars will put you in the clear, think again. The same rule applies, It's one thing to have a night with friends in the backyard of the home with some good scotch, brandy or cognac, and puffing on a good "stick".

It's completely another thing to have the cigar smoker in the home or the garage smoking daily - that smell will embed itself into every single nook and cranny of the home and maybe impossible to remedy.

The bottom line, it turns off home buyers. Homes that have the smell of cigarette smoke in the walls, paint and carpet mandate a lower offering price than homes without.

We have tips to help those who have homes that carry the heavy scent of tobacco smoke. I'm glad to share my experience on how we help our sellers remedy those situations.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm proud to be at your service. Please let me know when you are ready for my Santa Clarita real estate assistance.