It sure as heck is not "Ghostbusters".

When it comes to a families health - there are very few things in life that can compete.

When a family is well and not sick, that is hard to appreciate if your family does not get sick very often.

BEST Santa Clarita home search

However, if your son has a sinus condition that keeps him stuffed up and one that causes him to get sick easily - that can be a tough road.

That happens to be our situation, but we are still very thankful because we know it could always be worse.

Talking about in home air quality - there are a few things that you can do to make sure your "in home air" is the best it can be.

First - you will want to do the "honey do" items that most of the homeowners or renters of the world should be doing. The top of the list is cleaning and replacing all the in home filters.

Do you have a filter on your A/C intake - What about in your Heater Box? Do you have a filter in your refrigerator for the dispensing of water? Maybe there is a filter on your vacuum cleaner? What about your carpet (believe it or not) - Carpet can be a filter too!

Make sure all of those types of "in home" filters are replaced/cleaned often.

Then, I would suggest, if "breathing symptoms" don't relieve - checking the internal air of the home by a professional.

You don't want to hire one of those "professionals" that are going to do things that are not needed, you want one that will shoot straight with you and give you the best advice.

However, when searching on-line what do you find? I find "head hunters" and "lead generators" instead of "real" local businesses.

That is the last thing you are going to want to tie up with...

My Research revealed...

The first on the list - Brandhurst Air Systems - they are at the top of Yelp - five star rating, but their phone was disconnected... (I don't know if they do "interior air quality", but if you are all thumbs with replacing filters - they can be your first stop)

Mold Inspection Los Angeles - CA - located in OceanSide, which is a bit far from Santa Clarita Valley. However, they say they serve 5 counties...

RMC, restoration management company. They are not in Santa Clarita California - even though they write articles about Santa Clarita mold and air quality...

123 Mold Testing - This is another lead generation company that has "vendors" or team members they refer business when people find them on-line.

AMI Enviornmental Testing - This one is another company that is not within the Santa Clarita Valley. They serve the Santa Clarita Valley but don't have offices here.

On the Local Ads on Yahoo - they have Indoor Air Mold Testing - they are not local - they dispatch out of Sacramento.

Clean-Air Water Damage and MOld Removal - they show on Walnut Street in Santa Clarita - but are not a real local business either.


****OMG - that was tough.... SERVEPRO!!! They are real and close to Magic Mountain - I actually spoke with someone that goes to the same Starbucks that I do!!!

Their phone number is (661)296-4600 and they do Mold Mitigation and Remediation - Air Ducts and HVAC - and MORE... is their website. Whew - I thought I'd never find a local Santa Clarita Valley company to refer to our friends...