Short sales - that is where the Short Sale agent you hired negotiates with your bank(s).  To allow you to have your home sold for less than what you owe.

Sounds simple?  It's not!

Help with your Santa Clarita short sale teamWe have had quite a few experiences with short sales and the banks that have placed new "guidelines" in place to help.

Sometimes, those new short sale guidelines are just fluff.  Another component that messes up an already flawed system.

However, the only way to know whether or not your home is with one of those banks, that have those "guidelines" in place, is for us to dig in.

We need to have a completed short sale package.  We will advise you on what constitutes that.  Once we have everything we need, we can start the process.

Records are the key.  Keeping accurate records is a larger key :)

Who we talked with, what they said, and what they are going to do to help us with your Short Sale - those are items that have to be logged.

Without the Log, our short sale sellers are dead in the water.

We have become accustomed to having to prove our clients case.  We don't even flinch when the bank says that we did not fulfill our part of the short sale process.

We just send them the records.

They back down quickly and the process continues.

Be safe - hire smart short sale agents.  Only hire those that have a Short Sale Team in place.  We will be in touch.

Let us know when you are ready for our help!!!