Apparently some would rather risk getting caught by the Sheriff's or concerned neighbors than pay to have their trash admitted to a "legal landfill". We have had another of our Bank owned properties "dumped on" lately. In this case, the neighbor heard their dogs barking and contacted my workers I had at the property.

I got the call and my contractor explained there was a new pile of garbage with a broken gate lock/latch to boot. He said the neighbor explained that he heard his dogs going ballistic, barking and carrying on the day before thanksgiving. When we went out to investigate, he saw the previous owner of the home off loading stuff off the back of a truck into the back yard, on the other side of the previously locked and secured gate.

I responded to the property and found the trash he was talking about. There were a couple of large mattresses, a broken up desk, some paint and other miscellaneous items.

I went to the neighbors home and he verified what he had told my contractor, so I called the sheriff's department. They were GREAT and a Deputy showed up about 15 minutes after I called. He was very nice and I explained that I represented the Bank in the sale of this Foreclosure. I also gave him the time line from when the previous owner lost ownership of the property.

The deputy went to the neighbors home and they were more than happy to give a statement. After that the deputy came back to the home and contacted me, wanting to take photos of the rubbish that was illegally dumped and the broken gate and latch.

The next step? Is the bank willing to prosecute or are they going to let it go if the prior owner comes back to the property and un-does what he did?

It is amazing how fast news travels in some cities, I was contacted by the past owner, apologizing. Who'd of thought :) We are going to work this out, but the sheriff's have to be present in the process. I'll keep you advised and thanks for reading. Be Safe and let us know if we can help you with your real estate needs.