listing and selling santa clarita real estate

When we are taking our real estate buyers out to look at any type of residential real estate - new housing, re-sale homes, single family residences, condo's, town-homes, even modular and mobile homes - curb appeal is HUGE.

Those are what the comments from our buyers pertain to while viewing real estate for sale.  Why do you think the new housing developments spend "bu-cu bucks" to keep everything fresh, manicured and alive?  When we are driving through a neighborhood - the "target property" may not be considered due to the other neighborhood homes having tacky curb appeal.  As a property owner, it's really hard to motivate your neighbors, but It could not hurt to try.  Explain that the "property values" are shared amongst all of the home-owners.

Owner Occupied Single family residences are a bit simpler to approach than getting a Homeowners Association to do it.  Most lack the foresight when it comes to kicking in to increase the "curb appeal" of the condo / town-home community.  However, this feat is not impossible.  I was able to call on behalf of a client that had purchased in a local Valencia town-home community, where the perennials had died due to neglect and hadn't been replaced for months.  I called the HOA management company, told them who I was and then proceeded to explain that we have buyers for that housing type in those price ranges - but the severe lack of "curb appeal", due to the Management Company being uninterested, was turning buyers off.  The nice lady totally understood and by week's end - the curb appeal has been restored and then some.

Landscape is an important part of curb appeal, capable of improving the overall appearance of a home dramatically. Ask yourself if you would be more attracted to a dried out, patchy lawn or a lush green lawn? Selling homes during spring and summer months involves paying much closer attention to curb appeal and therefore much closer attention to your landscaping.

While different areas of the country have different weather patterns we can all agree that spring and summer seasons are when our landscaping traditionally looks the best. Edging a lawn, creating flower beds, pruning trees and shrubs, and weeding are all necessary steps to sprucing up curb appeal. Dryer areas may involve a bit more research in terms of finding plants and grass types that work well with little water, but putting in the time will surely help attract potential buyers through the door.

Curb appeal is an important part of the selling process. The more attractive a home is on the outside the more likely a buyer will want to enter the front door. Clean up the outside of your home, the follow through on the inside and you won’t be disappointed.

We have a few resources to share via our updates.  We just finished the Santa Clarita real estate Market Update.  You will be able to view each of the Santa Clarita valley cities and look at their individual reports. We also have separated it by Condo/Town-home and Single Family Residences.

The Santa Clarita Foreclosure Updates continue to be completed on an almost daily basis.  Yesterday's foreclosure update has a more "heavier" than normal flow of Notice of Default Filings.  We also posted up a video that explains that that means to potential buyers and 'in place' homeowners.