A lot of people in the world depend on certification and licenses.  Plumbers, home inspectors, contractors, real estate agents, lenders, police officers, security guards, and more.  All of these types of employment or "self employment" require each of these people to be licensed by a governing body.  With the Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff in California that governing body is POST - Police officers Standards and Training.  When we attended the Los Angeles Police Academy, every class, for the most part, was approved and it's curriculum was blessed by POST. The same goes for the training we give at the Firearms section within the LAPD, where I have remained a Reserve Officer.RSS feeds for Santa Clarita realty

Within Real Estate - my license, that is what allows me to function as a Realtor.  I will have you know that my real estate license was granted to me after passing a "rather difficult" exam with the Department of Real Estate with the State of California.  My real estate license is very dear to me.  In fact, you could say that there is not enough money in the world to have me part with it, at least without a fight.

Yesterday, and for the past week, my ethics had been questioned.  Someone that felt as if we were not allowing them to buy the home they wanted, due to them not being able to qualify for the price and would have not had their offer accepted by the seller, chose to not work with our team and move along to another real estate agent.  We are fine with that, as long as we are given a chance to explain.  In this case, that "chance" was not given to us, so I will explain it here.

The home in question was a short sale.  The debt forgiveness act is coming to an end, unless extended, December 31, 2012.  In this case, this seller may not get another chance to get this home sold short.  Short Sales take time.  The buyers did not qualify, as we found out later, for the asking price - which was 3% below fair market value.  Therefore, by them writing an offer that the bank would not have accepted would have been an exercise in futility.  We are in the business of selling homes.  We want our buyers to buy homes.  We want our sellers homes to sell.  But, we only want this to happen when no one is being left hanging out to dry.  In this case, both the seller and buyer would have been thrown under the bus.

Being able to explain that would have been super, but I get that people have a hard time expressing there feelings.

The call in question came from a local Broker who happens to be very active "politically" in the Santa Clarita Valley.  He was very respectful and only asked some questions on behalf of his long-time friend.  Paris listened, answered and all was well in the world.  It was not from this agent the "concerns" came from.  It was on the behalf of the buyer's dad.

If anyone thinks, The Paris911 Team, would not submit an offer, or attempt to "foul up" a transaction, because someone doesn't want to work with our team, think again.

Karma comes around hard and is far from invisible when it comes to the business practices of realtors, cops, firemen, military officers, and everyone else.  The way you treat others is key to anyone's success with regard to business.  Even if you are not the business owner.  The Universe seems to do a great job at leveling the playing field

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