When I was working LAPD I had a partner of mine who started a Solar Panel Cleaning Business. This man is upfront, honest and a hell of a hard worker.

It made sense to me due to solar panels needing the best/most light to function.

When you have hard water stains, dirt, dust, feces, and other types of "obstructions" in between your solar panels and the sun - you are losing money.

Losing money in the 'payback' to the power company. Losing money in the storage of your energy. You are simply losing money needlessly.

One thing I know for certain is that solar panels degrade over time. Of course, nothing lasts forever. Solar panels are expensive. Solar panels need to be serviced so they have the maximum light absorbing ability.

That is where Brian at Clean your Solar comes into play.

clean your solar Santa Clarita and Los Angeles

When our clients buy a new home that comes with solar - we introduce them to Brian.

When we have a real estate buyer who buys a home with solar panels already installed - we introduce them to Clean your Solar with Brian.

And When we have a client who installs solar panels - Brian is who we introduce them to so their solar keeps functioning at the highest level achievable.

Be safe - Let Brian know when you are ready to have your Solar Cleaned and he will take GREAT care of you as he has our friends, family and clients.