How does that sound? If you buy a home, condo or town-home, from our Real Estate team, and if you are unhappy, we will see that home for FREE during the 18 months following your purchase.How to buy a home cheap

Actually, I don't like it. This is something that is making it's rounds in the MidWestern States from Agents using this "marketing tactic".

There must be a HUGE amount of small print, if you come across this marketing gimmick - look for the ************** :)

The Selling a home for FREE - ZERO commission is a bit misleading. What about the agent that is bringing the buyer? With the listing agent, that'd be the one that sold you the home, condo or town-home you are unhappy with, they don't get anything - they said if you were unhappy, they would sell it for free...

But there would be another agent involved - as there are with most real estate transactions. The agent representing the buyer.

Even today, where buyers are Large in Number, most transactions are two sided. There is a specific agent representing the Seller and another, completely different agent, representing the Buyer.

What about the list price - Selling it for FREE does not address the Listing Amount. How can you be sure that within the next 18 months you are going to gain enough in the way of equity to be able to sell the home? However, I imagine this is not mentioned in the "small print" in this real estate agent marketing tactic. to check current prices in the Santa Clarita Cities - click here

Read this carefully, you want to get the best representation possible, not a bunch of clever marketing slogans and "paper" promises. Look for those agents on-line. They are easy to identify. They are those that are writing content, answering questions and giving the appearance they are "giving the real estate industry insider secrets" away... That is who you want to interview when considering buying or selling - Be Safe...