The local short sale market in the Santa Clarita valley is alive and well.  We have seen some interesting things with regard to the marketing of Short Sale listings and a few of them are worth pointing out.

Giving the best in real estate intel - Paris911Buyers Beware - Not of all short sales, and not because short sales, at times - can be hard to finish for the agents that don't pack the gear to serve in the Short Sale arena.

No, not at all.  watch out and beware the reference to the "price point" of the short sale.

Have you ever been told that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is?  That could be the case with the short sale you have your real estate agent hunt down or write offers on.

Let me say this.  Most agents, the one's that have their eye on the "right" ball, would want their real estate buyers to get the "best" deal in the world when buying real estate.  That is because, as a buyer, if you got the best deal in the world, you would not shut up about how GREAT and AWESOME your real estate agents it.  You'd tell a friend, some family, everyone...

If you were a seller in the world of real estate and if your real estate agent could sell your home for more money than you would expect - then that agent would be a Hero, wouldn't he/she?

Have a listen to today's real estate show.  Enjoy and let us know when you are ready to move.