Real estate data and pricing ranges for SCV

The Santa Clarita area is only populated with data with this specific inquiry due to out of area real estate agents listing properties.

The Santa Clarita valley is made up of 6 cities - typically considered Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia. Each city is distinct and different.

When agents that are not full members of our local Board of Realtors - they don't typically have any other choice when entering listing into their Multiple Listing Service than the City of Santa Clarita Valley.

Therefore, if a home they have taken a listing on is located in the City of Saugus CA - their only choice when entering that home for sale in the MLS database will be Santa Clarita.

When working the numbers and showing the "real estate data" for the Santa Clarita valley cities to our buyers and sellers, we would be amiss without being able to provide it for those agents that are not local and not local board of realtors' members.

So hence this data sheet and corresponding PDF obtained by clicking on the photo of the Executive summary report for Santa Clarita City specific.

Knowing this fact is also very important for your Realtor   It could be that you are missing out on some listings and homes for sale if your agent is new or if they don't understand how the Multiple Listing Service databases work with the local Boards of Realtors.  Educate them, send them this post so they can start looking for real estate specifically by the city of "Santa Clarita CA" when searching within their own database.

We have found listings for our Santa Clarita buyers agents and our Paris911 clients by searching by "Santa Clarita".  Upon calling those listing agents that are considered "out of area" and not direct members of this board this is typically how it goes.

"Hello, I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX's Paris911 Team, I'm calling in reference to your listing at 1234 anywhere street, Saugus California, do you have any offers and can you tell me anything more about the listing besides what is contained within the Multiple Listing Service?"

They respond, "Thanks for calling, I was starting to wonder why we had not gotten one call or one showing.  I started to think it was true that you "local agents" don't show the listings that are placed for sale by the "outside agents"...  I was a bit concerned.  It's fully available, no showings yet and we have been on the market for sale for two weeks.  I know we are priced right, I am glad you called..."

This was related to an exact situation that we had occur to us with one of our Santa Clarita real estate clients.  We had been looking daily at the local inventory, there was a specific listing that had been entered into the system for sale then placed on hold.  The agent was new and apparently hit the wrong button.  While searching the "Santa Clarita specific listings", as I train our Santa Clarita buyers agents to do for our Paris911 real estate clients, she came across a listing that was placed into HOLD immediately after the listing was entered.

She asked me and I told her that was strange and to call the listing agent to advise them and to inquire.  When she did, she found that the listing was fully available and the agent from outside of the Santa Clarita Valley Board of Realtors hit the wrong button.  However, they never checked the listing again to see that it was being "held" on their end.  He was happy to hear, our buyers agents wrote the offer for our Santa Clarita real estate clients and they got the home.

It works, the agents just need to know what they are doing and the public needs to be educated so they can educate their real estate agent just in case they are new or have not be dragged through the  mud :) - at least a couple of times.