Probably not all, but for some. According to the blogosphere, Cutts - he's the HMFIC for Google, in case you don't know, Panda is going through another algorithm update, Friday...

seoIf you were not punished as a result of the past changes, you are probably okay.

Notice I said "probably".

Getting your website to the top's of the search engines has changed dramatically over the past several years.

When people search for anything on the net - Google is the number 1 - Second is everyone else - including Bing (which I like).

Therefore, if you website is not "Google Friendly", you may want to make it so.

You will find helpful tools in their Google Webmaster Tools system to keep your website looking Green.

However, if you were one that bought into the "link farming" approach to Search Engine Optimization, and did not get caught the first few rounds - Brace Yourselves.

There is nothing quite like a good SEO - We are agents so you don't have to worry about me pitching you.

However, if you want a recommendation - shoot us an email.

Until then - let us know if you want any topics discussed or written about.

We maintain Page 1 Ranking on Google and Bing for our Real Estate websites and Paris911 Brand because of the content we write coupled with SEO from Link U Realty and Blogs from Kinetic Knowledge.

Just google them and you will see. Be safe - talk soon....