Yesterday, I was talking with one of our Civilian clients over the phone. Stan was telling me how he was pleased with how we handle our business. He continued and explained that he wanted to tell the world about how we pulled him out of escrow after the home inspection. He reflected, "It was something I could probably had lived with Connor. After you told me to cancel escrow after finding the home was sinking a bit, I called a friend of mine. He ensured me that to have a real estate agent that will almost order someone to cancel a real estate transaction, when the client would be happy continuing to press forward - that is RARE... You know what Connor, I got to thinking about it - and he's right - you are rare..."

I was a bit stunned. I had no idea that our client was even a bit upset about me telling him to cancel escrow. I just figured we had talked since and I had even shown him and his wife homes since that inspection. I suppose that was a gentle reminder that you never really know what some clients are thinking.

I did not think twice - when I hear about foundational issues - It makes me wonder. I then compile that with everything the home inspector informed us about - related to windows, doors and water drainage - plus his knowledge of this particular tract of homes, that was enough for me.

After Stan made that statement - he also said the following, "If I were a cop, I'd use Paris911..." While Stan was already using our services for real estate - that was nice of him to say.

When you are buying a home in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere - you have two things that you are not going to get you money back for if you choose the cancel the transaction. The first thing is for the home inspection. The fee paid to the home inspector is non-refundable. It is something you will not have returned to you if you choose to stop the real estate transaction. The second fee that you are not going to get compensated for is the appraisal.

Regarding the home inspection - This is something that is paid for just after the home inspection is completed. Depending on the type of transaction and the method of the specific buyer will depend on when this part of the real estate process will occur. It could be that we have it done right out of the gate. The reason for this could be we have had our timeframes cut as far as inspections. We may not be concerned how much the home will appraise for - because we know that we offered under market value.

Regarding the appraisal - On this front, we may want to have the appraisal done first because there may be a question as far as how much home will appraise for. In fact, we may have a seller that is not pliable - or not able to reduce their home's price less that where they had it listed - that creates a bind for a buyer and we would not want them to spend money on a home inspection if the property did not appraise. Some of the reasons a seller may not be able to reduce their home price lower than the list price would be they are at the exact break even point. If they were to reduce their home's price they would be paying out of pocket.

Real Estate should be handled by those that know what they are doing. By a team that specializes in working with Police Officers, Highway Patrolmen and Deputy Sheriff's or not. Just hire professionals to represent you with your real estate dealings and you will be better than most.

Do some Googleing - find out what your real estate agent of choice is writing about - what they are saying, talking about and where is their mindset? There is going to come a time in the future where people searching on-line won't get taken by "bad internet syndication websites". Those are the websites that have been built off of monetizing your personal information. They are not selling anything. They are not representing the buyers and sellers of real estate. They are merely attempting to make the connection between those searching on their platform for real estate and the real estate agents that are paying them for the leads.

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