Really?  You promise?  What if myhome is valued for lessthan I want to sell it for?  What about if I owe more for my home than the bank says it's worth? What If I want $500K for a $300K home?Question to ask those pitching this,"How many homes have you bought from your clients..."  The beauty of this question is that it gives the advantage to the answer-er.  If they answer, "I have never bought any..." - This means that their Sell your home or I'll buy it program works!!!  If they answer, "We have bought a home or two in the past because we could not sell it..."  It shows they are ethical and honest.I'd want to know fico scores and credit ability to purchase my home by the agent pitching this Guarantee, before signing on the dotted line...I am not sure what you have been reading or what your life experiences have shown you, butplease read all of the fine print before signing any contract.I love charity.  I do give to several major charities often.When it comes to real estate, I am not sure how charity can be applied.

If an agent cannot sell your home forfair market value- there is a problem.  But If that agent is taking your listing at above market price, then the fault is with that agent not having the intestinal fortitude to advise you.  And if  that agent told you that your home would not sell for the price you wanted, and you chose to price it as you wanted - then you and your Realtor are "straight".

But, If I told you that if I could not sell your home,I'd buy it- make sure you are reading all of the small print and be careful of the "***************".  The (*) indicates that there is more written somewhere about a particular statement...  It's indicates a "loop-hole".  Look for them on every single piece of advertising that you are being "swooned" by.