Great question taking into account recent events of the Meteor slamming into Russia.

Lots of homes were destroyed and the loss of life is tragic - However, what about your own homeowners policy?  Does it cover you against Meteor's damaging it?

Insurance and MeterorsApparently, most insurance policies cover the "objects falling from the sky" within their "what is covered" verbiage.

However, just to make sure, I'd reach out to your insurance agent and find out.  If you don't have an insurance agent - We know a GREAT Broker and would be glad to connect the dots for you.

Foreclosures in the Santa Clarita Valley can be found by you heading over to one of our MacBoX portals and typing into it the word "foreclosures". When you do, you will get the intel which you seek, plus you will see all of the foreclosure listings currently on the market in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

However, they are slowing down and have been slowing down since a couple of years ago.  They have not been released much at all, but they still exist - where are they (the foreclosures) going?

Bulk Sale.  Big Money is approaching the banks with the Foreclosure Inventory and buying their REO's (real estate owned) at bulk.

Interest Rates - Holding steady at 3.53% - and I imagine that we may see a lull in the "creeping up" of interest rates in the coming months.

When we start getting more inventory, the market relaxes a bit, homes start sitting longer on the market, interest rates will relax.

More News? - We have the news stories that are plugged into our Google Reader accessible by our past clients, current clients, friends, readers etc.  Head over to our MacBoX resource on our Main Santa Clarita real estate website and type in the word "Reader" into it.

Be Safe - Happy Saturday and watch out for Meteors...