Open Houses can be found at

Matters not - anywhere in Southern California. Whether you want to view them in the Santa Clarita Valley, or elsewhere - we have the hook up on our Open House Website - check it out.

Well, yesterday was my birthday. Today I'm starting a diet and workout program. I slept late - so I'll do the workout later. But the diet started. I'm going to go with a low carb approach - eating very small meals every three hours.

Santa Clairta new home tipsI'll keep you posted on my progress and will report when I am at a weight I'm feeling comfortable reporting :)

Giuliana is going to get out at one of our New Listings, an Open House being held on LarkHaven in Newhall. Giuliana is one of our Top Buyers Agents that works directly for my Paris911 Team at REMAX. She is good people and brilliant at client representation.

She also informed me, because she is a new housing expert - certified, that there is a new home tract opening today as well. In fact, it's close to our open house and there are not any mello roos.

My Suggestion is to give Giuliana a call to 661-803-3733 when you are out and about. Make sure you have her with you before you step any of your feet into any New Home Builders and New Construction sites anywhere in the Santa Clarita Valley.

You see, we operate our team differently. We have agents that specifically focus on representing our clients with the New Housing Tract and New Home builders in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

They, in fact, our New Home Buyers agents, used to work with many of the different builders in Southern California, selling new homes. They know the insider scoop and know how to get you discounts, above and beyond the builder. However, it's a trade secret - My Secret - so call me for more details - or Giuliana...

That's it - I'm going to wrap it up. I ate 1.4 hours ago - I have the alarm on my phone set, counting down every three hours. Be safe - talk soon and Let us know when you are ready to MOVE....