I have been trying to figure out what this means.  "I will Sell your home Guaranteed".  Or I will buy it?  Or I will allow you to cancel the contract?  Or I will give you $5,000.00 if I cannot sell it?  Not knowing what the small print is - but seeing a lot of ******* all over most of the ads of that type, leads me down one path.  The Back End is not as straight forward as the "advertising front".  You know what they say about "back ends"? - Everyone has one.

During my stent with the LAPD, we did not appreciate others, in our midst, that did not tell the truth or used deceit to take us away from getting to the bottom of things.  The detectives had a much more difficult job to piece everything together after we made the arrest.

Most people that are arrested are not of the "super-criminal" variety.  However, there were some quite impressive "stretchers of truth".

Talking about the Police World and the keeping of the Streets safe is totally different than hiring a Real Estate service professional.  When the Realtor leads you astray - you will probably only be impacted in a "money sense".  Not intending to down play "hard earned money" - sometimes that leads to "living or dying" - unfortunately.

When a criminal takes you for a ride - the "live or die" comes to mind.

Here is a recent video we posted on Daily Motion that gives a bit of a heads up to our Real Estate Selling philosophy. - Enjoy it and please give us your feedback.

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