It is not the same as having bugs crawl on you while asleep.  Yuck - I hate it when that happens.Who do you use for your businesses relocation needs

But when Google's Spiders are crawling the web and find something pertaining to what I have published on one of our Real Estate Blogs, I'm quite happy.  That is when I know others are seeing what I have written.

When writing real estate articles and answering questions - the best thing a real estate agent can do is answer questions.  Answer so many and so frequently, that you have considered potentially that you have said too much, then answer more.

There should be no conscious connection between the dissemination of valuable real estate Intel and commission.  If someone writing content starts to think about the $$$ to be earned, it will be seen in their writing.

Be Safe and here is our Google Alerts where our REMAX Relocation alert popped up:

Web 1 new result for remax relocation

 Burbank Real Estate Relocation Services by a Member of RE/MAX ...

Expanding our reach to other areas of Southern California. We have a Relocation Specialist that we have secured as a member of our REMAX Relocation team.

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Thanks Google and thank you for reading our blog post about our Relocation Business.