We have an appointment soon with a person that called our REMAX of Santa Clarita offices, telling us that he was needing to short sale multiple properties. We will give him the full de-brief in our offices. This one is not a simple Short Sale Question to answer or write about.

However, there are a few things that should be considered before choosing a multiple property short sale real estate agent.

Most will take the listings and get them onto the market for sale. If you are interviewing that type of real estate agent, before the "homework" has been completed, leave their office. There needs to be more "checks and balance" fulfillment before writing up Short Sale contracts.

At the beginning of this short sale market, we were contacted by an investor that had 23 properties she wanted to short sale. After all of the recon and research had been completed, we sold short 3. The rest, per her attorney, were better off going to foreclosure. (another thing - when real estate client has an attorney - a realtor should not override their wisdom!)

We have a team, accountants, real estate lawyers, BK lawyers etc. Short Selling multiple Santa Clarita properties is not as easy to deal with as is needing to short sale a primary residence.

Be Safe - if you want to see more about how our Team handles our clients short sales - click here.

We have a in-house negotiator. In fact, our first line negotiator was hired when they were "unhappy" with their prior employer. She happened to be working for a real estate agent who was working with a Law Firm. She was handling over 200 Short Sale files a month from agents from many different real estate companies. She is good at what she does. However, as stated, she is the "first line negotiator". Paris is considered our "final line" negotiator. She is the one that finishes the negotiation with the bank or banks involved in our sellers short sales.

Let us know if we can help you with your Short Selling of multiple properties. Talk soon.