I do write a lot.  I met an agent a few days ago that says he suffers from what is known as, "Writers Block".  I said, "really, what is blocking your writing..."

He responded, "I dunno, but I don't know what to write about..."  I then said, "So, it is not that you have writers block - you have "inspirational" block..."

He smiled and said, "where do you get your inspiration for all of the writing you do?"

This is where it get's fun.  I don't believe in "writers block".  No offence to those in the world that suffer from this condition.  I will also clarify that statement by Santa Clarita real estate, something to write abouttelling my audience that I am not a writer of books.  I have never attempted to put a fiction or non-fiction work together.  I have dreams like everyone of you, but I am happy writing on our Business blog and real estate blogs.

I know the Police World, having been a full time LAPD active from 1990 to 2007, remaining a LAPD reserve today.  I know real estate having been in the business since I was first licensed in 1998.  Talking with Paris who has been the full-time end of our real estate business since that time.  After 2007, I had the paradigm shift.  I met with Jeff Turner, whom I met through a Mutual Friend, Martin Rodriguez.  He came into my office and spoke to me about the internet, social media and writing content via content marketing.

He continued about "the how" of the connections, as they are going to be in the future, with regard to business and the internet.  Jeff Turner knew things before they had been written about or were being talked about.  This was 2007.  Before that time, I was doing what the other real estate agents were doing to get business.  Mailers, door knocking and interruption marketing.  Jeff spoke about "inbound marketing".  The way you do "inbound marketing" is by making yourself and your business visible on the internet and by answering consumer questions.  By this simple act, you make yourself and your business visible as someone that cares about the consumer first!

Sure, there are other ways that Search engine optimization specialists may be able to get "temporary" results, with Google and Bing with your website, but those are short lived.

Jeff Said, "content is a prince and will, very soon, be more of a "KING", as the internet unfolds."

So I write a lot.  There is always something to talk about.  Most of my writing has to do with my experiences as a Police officer and how that translates over to being in Real Estate Sales.  You would not believe how many parallel's exist between the two.

When you are looking for inspiration, why not work out.  I have attempted to listen to "audio books and podcasts" while doing my workout.  However, that "noise", does not allow for my creative juices to start because, I am focused on the material.  So, I listen to my favorite station on Pandora on my iPhone.  Usually something by Nickelback or Godsmack.

Everyone of you have something to talk about.  That "something" can always be applied to your business.  Get a "thinkers pad".  Something that you can use a good old-fashioned number 2 pencil with.  Keep it with you where ever you go.  Write down inspirational stories, themes and insights you get from other sources.  I use Moleskine's without the lines - Large Style.  I write in them sideways.  Everyone needs their own way and there is something to be said about "hand writing" inspirational moments, which seems better, at least for me, than the notepad, iPhone pad, evernote, etc...  Why without the lines?  A client of mine, looking at my series of Moleskine's in my office, about 20 thus far, covering the period between my resignation from the LAPD to the present, said the "lines are not yours..."  Ever since I switched to the Moleskine's without lines, a whole new level of sketching, drawing and writing inspirational ideas, has surfaced.

BE Safe and let me know how you get your inspiration by commenting below...