I absoutely can.  If you are not in our neck of the woods, I can find someone that has the same uncanny ability.  There is a careful blend that must be used when pricing a property to be sold.  Some think that open houses sell homes.  Others think that being in the local newspapers sell houses.  Some also think that the internet is the key component to selling a home in today's market (you are getting warmer).

The best bang for your buck when it comes to the commission you are paying for a seller, involves much more than taking your listing and the agent putting it into the MLS.  Networking group memberships.  What about a Realtor that is dug in so deep with the local business community, helps them build their businesses and on line presence for free - Only to have them join our ranks, spreading our sellers listings to the masses!

If you were a cabinet maker, would you pay someone else to design and build your cabinets?  Absolutely not - the key comes in where we don't hire anyone to build our For Sale and Listing Presentation platforms on the internet.  We are the Professionals and know where buyers are Searching for Real Estate Listings for sale.  Most all of the "vendors and listing promotion sales people" lack the "passion" and "accountability" that we have for our craft and for our sellers.

87% of qualified buyers are searching for homes, condo's and townhomes.  It was very important for us to have learned the "how to" ourselves.

If you want to use a top of the line - Automated approach that derives all data and comparisons directly from the Santa Clarita and So. California Real Estate source - Click Here.

Hundreds of hours of Podcasts about SEO and how to make websites and Real Estate listings rank higher organically in the search engines.  A library full of "pencil marked, highlighted and digested" books plus the peeling back of brains through persistent questioning of Internet experts every chance I get - It pays off for our Sellers and our Sellers Get Paid!!!!

Paris911 Team Video for Valencia Real Estate Prices: