When you are looking on-line to find something, where do you go?

You probably head to Google or Bing.  It is the difference between Mercedes and BMW - while both are luxury, each has their own advocates - Kind of like Apple Versus PC.

Always advertising everywhereWhen it comes to finding what you are looking for on Google, Bing or on the other search engines, you are going to probably looking at the top of the organic results.

You realize that anyone can pay for an ad at the top of Google or Bing and to include the very bottom of the SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages - and along the right side.

You have enough money, you can place an ad in those spots.

However, most consumers don't care too much about those results, they know that it's hard to get listed in the center, middle of the page under the Local Ads.

Those Brands / Websites that are placed there, they are doing something different.  They are not there, at least any more, by trick or device.

Back in the day you could easily trick the search engines.  However, today that is almost impossible, surely improbable.  So those results below the local places listings are incredibly accurate.

You want the agent or team of agent's you hire to be listed on that page.  In those locations, is where you want your realtor of choice to be.

If they are on that page in those locations, you are going to have more qualified buyers finding your home for sale, your condo you had listed and your town-home that is on the market.

Before you hire a local Santa Clarita realtor - do some Googleing.  See where they are placing on-line where people are searching for homes and real estate in your local cities.

For the Santa Clarita Valley - most buyers are using the terms using Santa Clarita - even if the home is in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall or Saugus.

Therefore, check out who's at the top of the search results on Google or Bing for the following keyword phrases.  Again, make sure they are local realtors websites - not the Big Brothers of Real Estate syndication sites - Starting with a Z or T or R :)

Santa Clarita Realtors

Santa Clarita real estate agents

Santa Clarita real estate market

Santa Clarita real estate for sale

Santa Clarita top listing agents

You get the gist - be safe, search well and do some checking into who is the Top on the Internet before you list your home with a Local Santa Clarita real estate agent.  You will be glad you did.