First off we are going to have to define what a "hybrid bakery" is.

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If you are wanting to purchase baked goods - cupcakes, cakes and other treats - Carmela Louise is a TOP bakery in the Santa Clarita Valley. They are also a full service Santa Clarita Cateror. They have catered special events both in the Santa Clarita Valley as well as Beverly

Hills, Woodland Hills, and as far away as Long Beach.

Weddings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, bridal and baby showers are just a few of the event "types" that they have catered.

Carmela Louise in Santa Clarita CA also offers a full line of buffets, sit-down plated dinners, luncheons, corporate events, banquets, themed events and personal chef services.

(by this time you are thinking I forgot to define what a Hybrid Bakery was... :-)

So far it sounds like Carmela Louise is a Bakery that does catering for not only baked goods, but full meals and the whole bit. You are correct, but here is the Hybrid part.

They will also teach you, sell you supplies, and get you the gear to do it yourself. After many years of experience and education, they are able to teach you and yours to bake your favorite dessert, decorate you cupcakes, making your "special frosting" all the way to packaging everything.

They are Hybrid in the way they not only know how to bake, cook and are "full chefs", they can teach you the 'how to' when it comes to your meal and dessert preparation. Carmela Louise in SCV offers Baking Classes as well as cake decorating classes. They also offer cooking classes.

For a very Nominal fee, they will give you the recepie, demonistrate how to cook, let your parpare it yourself, then you can sit down in their dining room and eat it.

Please call for a schedule of classes. 661-263-0349

Please visit Santa Clarita Catering and Santa Clarita's Bakery (Carmela Louise) - Storefront at 28112 Bouquet Canyon Road, Saugus CA, 91350 (corner of bouquet and plum)

And you thought Hybrid was a type of Car...