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The low Santa Clarita real estate inventory and the games that are being played.

If you enter the open house and the agent tries to convert you into being their client, when you are working with another real estate agent, watch out.

If they give you some fancy song and dance, it is most likely not true. If you don't like working with your current real estate agent, then do what you should have done from the beginning.

Go back to Google or bind and do some searching for the other Local Real Estate agents. Interview at least three agents, go into their offices and ask them for answers to the questions you have. Then ask them about timelines and when you can expect to have a home.

If they give you a definite time line or date - that should be a bit discerning. It is the same thing when we and our Short Sale Expert team is being interviewed about the time we think it will take to have the short sale concluded. That answer cannot be given.

We have been down to the wire, with all of the approvals given by the bank, in writing to boot, only to have the Short Sale File Manager leave on vacation without giving anyone else the key to their files or access.

Everything sits and waits - there is no way anyone could know the answer to when and time frames. That is why most of the "cheesy" agents will quote "time" as a way to get you to become their real estate clients.

The best ways to convert a client to become yours is simply by showing your expertise and seeing if it fits within their needs. Simple, don't try to "Whiz Bang" anyone into dumping their Realtor - that creates bad Karma... Be safe and thanks for reading, sharing and plus one ing...