What does it mean when you call a real estate agent and they say they have a "team" to assist you? Does that mean that the agent you called is "just another pretty face"?

Depends on how they operate their team. It may be that you will never be able to speak with the specific agent you hired to sell your home, represent you as a buyer etc.

If this is something that is concerning to you, as it would be most buyers and sellers of real estate, then you will want to "clear the air" before getting in too deep.

Speaking of being in too deep - let's have a look at the current real estate inventory for today, this HUMP day in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. As a reminder we have placed a link to The Santa Clarita Cities so you know what they are when I'm talking the last 24 hours of activity.

In the SCV - we have had 12 new listings hit the market for sale. We have had 16 properties enter the pending status and we have had 16 properties enter the back up status.

So, the properties where buyers entered escrow were 32 all total. That is not a bad day's work for the past 24 hours. In fact, that is close to a record for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and the real estate therein.

A Reminder, while these values are probably pretty close to accurate, there is a chance they are going to adjust today - therefore tune in tomorrow to check out if they were!!! Click here to check out our Daily Santa Clarita real estate show.

New Real Estate inventory can be seen at another Santa Clarita real estate expert site we have built. That is also MacBoX capable for it's access. Head over to the top Santa Clarita real estate agent website and type into the MaCBOx the word "new" without the quotes. When you do you will see all of the new Santa Clarita real estate listings and can inquire for more intel about each one or all.

Posted up with regard to interviewing multiple Santa Clarita real estate agents before you decide on who you are going to work with. click here to go to the blog where we have posted "interviewing multiple agents" article

Developing Skills in real estate are not as in "napoleon dynamite". Bow hunting skills, Nunchaku skills etc, while cool, are not what the real estate interested are looking for. They want performance and no BS when it comes to helping sell or buy real estate. Be Safe - Watch out for the "ligars".... :)