How do I get HUD Foreclosure Listings?

Click on this link to view all of the foreclosure listings that are with the Department of Housing and Urban Development - HUD. Santa Clarita HUD foreclosures

What if I find a HUD Home I want to buy?

HUD homes are sold by bid process via the HUD website.  HUD loves accountability, so your real estate agent is going to have to take the ball from you during this step.  A very important step to take before is, even before you start looking for HUD foreclosures, is to get pre-approved or qualified with a lender.

If you know a Real Estate lender - great.  Just make sure they are able to loan on HUD foreclosures - ask them.

If you know a Real Estate agent - that is great too.  Again, make sure their Broker is HUD approved and they are able to bid on HUD foreclosures.

Next Steps

If you don't have a real estate agent representing you on a HUD home or HUD foreclosure, good for The Paris911 Team(that's us!!!).  Set up an appointment with us and we will score for you a touchdown!

Lenders - If you don't have one that is qualified to lend on HUD foreclosures - then we can help in that regard too.

Contact with a HUD approved lender and HUD approved realtor

Below are two forms - the first has to do with us representing you on your HUD foreclosure purchase.  The second, is for our Real Estate team to hunt you a HUD approved Lender.  If they both apply to your need - fill out both, if not don't.  In that case, fill out the one that applies to your scenario.  If you want to talk with us by Telephone - We do that well - click here to call us or call the phone number at the tops of our Website!

BE Safe and make sure you are getting good advice and the best in Real Estate representation - you are not buying a pair of shoes!

BTW - if you are a Teacher, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Deputy Sheriff, or a different part of the Sworn Population and are looking for the 50% off Government program known as the Good Neighbor Program by HUD - Click Here.

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