Is the Government going to make me pay extra to sell my home in 2012?

To get right down to the brass tacks - a big concern to Mr and Mrs Home Seller comes at us from the "rumor" department concerning the Government and additional taxes that will be imposed when selling a home.

Do yourselves a favor and do some Gooleging - check it out for yourself.  Most of the email's I received are not stating the "fee's" correctly.  There are income restrictions and the date for this to start, if not stopped before, implementation will be 2013.

When you are hiring a professional, ask them if your sale in this coming year will be affected by any new fee's that have been imposed by the govt.  They should be able to quote you chapter and verse as we will happily do.

For now and for 2012 - you are good to do.

Facebook is not for Spam!

Connecting on Facebook by Paris and I with our past, current and newly acquired clientele, friends, family and people we don't even know, has been a true blessing.  We do have a Business Page, but I only post to it every so often.

Most Real Estate agents are peppering their FaceBook Personal Pages with a bunch of crap no one is interested in.

Things like how successful they are and how many deals they are closing.  We keep our Personal Facebook accounts clean of "self promotion".

Paris and I realized a long time ago (since the inception) of facebook, people don't like to be sold anything!

Tune in by going to Paris' Facebook Page and requesting her Friendship.

If you want to hook up with me (connor) - my page is located here.

Twitter is 140 characters of connection

Both Paris and I have Twitter Accounts - they are very similar - You can find Paris (although Facebook is much more her style) @paris911

I have placed my Twitter Account, which gets updated daily, if not more with zero self promotion, but stores that give value to the experience @paris911_com

#paris911 is our most frequently used hash tag also...

Buying Real Estate with Anonymity

I am not sure you can go all of the way through the home buying process without anyone knowing who you are.  However, I do know that with the advent of "social" seeming to govern all aspects of our lives - some would rather be "computer" bound than out amongst the "real" public.

Searching for Real Estate is a simple task.  First - get a local Real Estate Search Resource.  Stay off of those Large Internet sites that are built around monetizing your personal information.  Stay to the Trail and do your Search. If you are added to anyone's spam list, you know the culprit and can take the appropriate steps.

Have you ever tried calling anyone at one of those large real estate search sites.  Heck, try and find a phone number on them...  It won't happen and if they sell your personal information to a dozen agents - you might wish you could go into the Witness Protection Program to hide...

Mobile Real Estate Search platforms

A good Mobile Platform will be able to identify the tool being used for searching.  If you are sporting a iPhone, then the realtor's website you are visiting, should automatically adjust to fit your phone.  The same goes for Droid, BlackBerry, PDA's, and all other Smart Phone manufactures.

If your iPad, iPad2 or Tablet (not to mention your cell phone), have a GPS, global positioning system, the Real Estate agents Mobile platform should allow you to take full use of it.  It's nice to be able to drive through a neighborhood and find the homes that are for sale without having to rely on flyers and signs.

Some listings don't have for sale signs (typically short sales due to "self induced" embarassment), and Flyers - in today's Green World - they are getting scarce.

QR code for santa clarita real estateDown load a QR code scanner - go to your App Store on anyone of your mobile devices and get one.  These are going to be developing over time and most of the "popular" real Estate agents are posting them on their for sale signs.  They should re-direct you to their mobile site or a singular "mobile friendly" website that has the home you have just scanned.

Recap and final thoughts

2011 was good to us as a family, parents, and as Local Santa Clarita Real Estate business owners.  We had averted extreme tragedy and kept to the "trail".

With regard to our Real estate business, we have had some great times with our clients and met some other awesome Realtors.

All in All, We cannot find a better word than "Blessed" to describe the MacIvor's 2011.

Be Safe and we will see all of you in 2012!!!!