Merry Christmas to All.  Be Safe - Enjoy the show showing 5 tips to being prepared in 2013 when it comes to buying a home.

We posted up a great article about if I only had 1 day to sell a home and if that day was Christmas.

How would you?

Top Tips for the Buyers in Real Estate:

  • How much you can afford is different than what you qualify for
  • Know what you want by whom you have in tow
  • Are you happy in a condo or a town-home?
  • Drive neighborhoods to see what you like
  • Do your investigations within the first few days when your offer is accepted
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover - you are going to see that photos on-line may be deceptive
  • You have to get inside of the home that is for sale
  • Price Points - Examiner story - Stay within it, don't go above it
  • Make sure your Realtor is only searching within your specific price range
  • Don't let your real estate agent undermine you
  • Only Maximum Price range and below - don't exceed
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Thanks for listening and reviewing our Santa Clarita radio show notes about First Time Buyer requests and needs.