How do you search for Santa Clarita Foreclosures?

  • Search our Main Santa Clarita real estate website for Foreclosures
  • Interesting concept that want to search for foreclosures
  • Distressed listings that are actually priced under the market - within any local community
  • Recommend getting a local agent in your local community - or the one you are interested in
  • What are foreclosures - they speak of homes, condo's or town-homes that have been foreclosed on
  • They can be owned by Hedge Funds - Investment Companies, etc.
  • They can also be privately owned as well - you could own a home you were providing financing on - and had your tenants stop paying on it and you would have to foreclose on them
  • Enabled the MaCBOx at our Main website - type in the word Foreclosures.
  • You can find NOD - Notice of Defaults filed on real estate listings - punch that term into the MacBoX.
  • I'm Connor MacIVor and thanks for watching, reading and sharing.
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