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Cute is a fluffy bunny or kitten. Cute is not having your personal and private information sold or traded to several hungry real estate agents.

The Paris911 Team at REMAX sells houses

At the Paris911 Team, we are not cute - we are serious about our business of real estate and we want our clients to search for homes without having to sell the farm.

We want our real estate clients to keep abreast of all the most current real estate listings, to view them and if they like them, to have a Solid Offer Written by our team of Expert Buyers Agents.

That is how we operate our team. Today, as our Real Estate Daily show - We talked about "how to search for real estate".

While most may take the "how to part" for granted - we do not. This is part of our Real Estate crash course that we hold in our offices with each and every new real estate client that wants to use our Team. - This page will explain some about our Crash Course and gives a method to our madness.

Real Estate agents are, for the most part good. However, as in any industry, even when I was in the LAPD, we had a few bad seeds. Those seeds can create other bad seeds and so on and so forth.

My suggestion would be for you to interview a few agents. Whether you are looking for someone to short sale your Southern California Home - or whether you are looking to buy or invest.

Set up an appointment in their offices, establishing that they have a "real office". :) Then take it from there. You can also ask them some interview questions before you hire - which I think is smart business.

Be safe - Search well and be sure to see how our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA offices have been fairing as compared to the other Local Real Estate offices.

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