Outside of the games that are being played to hook leads and increase the Business Reach of Real Estate agents.  This Foreclosure Radar Resource that weSanta Clarita foreclosuresoffer our clients is a total Game Changer.

We have worked with specific clients that have specific neighborhoods in mind, have used the Foreclosure Radar System, approached the property owner of the distressed, (not on market), property,listed it as a one Party showand got our clients what they wanted.

There is no secret to doing Good Real Estate, it all falls back on Hard Work and being able to work outside of the "box".  Most every real estate agent in the world has a "set it and forget it" website.  We have taken that ideal and expanded it so that our clients have all of the "cutting edge" tools they will need to find out the following real estate Intel:

  • what properties are for sale,
  • how much their home is worth,
  •  how much they should offer when buying real estate,
  • and How the local real estate market is fairing.
Get in the game and make sure your real estate agent of choice is providing you the same tools our clients have come to trust as part of the Paris911 way!