How to search for Foreclosures

Developing our most recent Case Study with regard to Foreclosure Searches, actually started back in 1998-1999. That was the time when I was assisting our clients in the hunting of bank owned inventory.



I remember hanging flyers up on the bulletin boards at the LAPD stations. They talked about Foreclosures, bank owned inventory and distressed properties.

The Pre-Foreclosures were not as big as they are today. The "Short Sales" had not been for many years before the years which we started in the real estate business.

Today - you say "short sales" and people as "How High" :) - in other words, they are quite the buzz.

To be able to have your bank sign off on you being able to sell a home for less than what is owed - that is something that has not been around for a while.

To couple that with the fact that the government will forgive the difference between what you owed and the amount the sold for - so you are not taxed on it - not a bad deal.

However, it does play havoc on your credit. It will get beat up a bit from the Short Sale and if you are not making payment as well.

What about the homes that you have sold in the past? The way in which you have sold it and your very own trusted Santa Clarita real estate professional? Do you believe they pack the gear to serve you with regard to your short sale?

It was not easy, the learning curve. We were not those that were going to learn by chance. We needed to get direct knowledge of the short sale process and hire a staff to deal Short Sale Sellers that decided to use the Paris911 Team. I was not about to have our reputation questioned or soiled when embarking on a venture that has not been around since before we started in the real estate business.

Please click on the link above - and let us know if we can help you in any way. Also - enjoy our real estate case study - 2, Foreclosures.