1 how to search for foreclosuresWhen it comes to searching for Foreclosures, you could lose your grasp on your personal and private information.

Liken it to shopping at some of the "grocery stores". In order to get the "real discounts", you need to register for one of their cards. They are then able to track your buying habits.

Further Reading - view our Foreclosure Search page on our REMAX Website

Searching online for Foreclosures and distressed real estate, if not done on a local agent's website or system, may cause similar issues.

Your personal and private information being sold to third parties. Your "search habits" for foreclosures and distressed real estate being tracked and monitored.

Dogs and Cats living together, total anarchy :)

It may also mean that you will be contacted by dozens of hungry real estate agents that have bought your personal and private intel - your name, phone number and email address.

Search safe - search well and if you use a local real estate agent's website that is not equipped to search for the Distressed Foreclosures, bank owned and pre foreclosure inventory, ask them why they don't have that for their clients that want to search for those property types.

If they don't how to start, have them reach out to me and I'll give them my 20 cents on how we do it and keep it updated for our Paris911 at REMAX of Valencia CA real estate clients.

Thanks for watching and let us know when you are ready to move, we will keep the lights on for you :)