We use Jing by TechSmith.  We capture photos from our real estate resources and you will be able to do the same.  In fact, we have been able to post photos from all of our Real Estate resources on each post we enter within the Santa Clarita real estate realm.Internet for santa clarita business blog

In fact, photos that accompany each and every blog post are a true asset to Google's algorithm.

We pay a minimal amount for the ability for being able to capture images from our Various Real Estate Resources.

Here are some of the common items we capture.

  • Easy Web Video's:  This is our very own upload platform for videos.  We have categorized over 440 videos to YouTube showing the in's and outs of real estate.  We can capture the "interactive Video" that is uploaded to Easy Web Video dot com and present it within a blog post.
  • Foreclosure Radar:  This system seems to be one that agent's don't see the value in.  We have been able to work with many various buyers from different walks of life with our "previewing" of the Foreclosure inventory for Santa Clarita Valley and the other Southern California Cities.
  • Diverse Solutions:  The DS system is unique.  It allows us to upload the current market snapshot and have the photo reroute to the page that is rendering all of the listings that are applicable.
  • LifeStyle Real Estate Search:  With the consumer in mind, the real estate interested, we are able to capture the screen shots of various searches and have the photo link to that particular search.  Whether distressed searches or searches by various bedrooms, bathrooms, price and area combinations.

These are just a few examples of what our on screen photo captures are able to be used for.  If you want more intel regarding how to get your Business or Real Estate site to the top of the SERP's(search engine results pages), give me a shout out so we can help you.

Even if you are in our same industry, having that "connection" blesses our buyers and sellers in Santa Clarita real estate.