"Ladies...  The Way I see it...  You Owe Me for One Jelly Donut..." One of my Favorite Lines from "Full Metal Jacket!"

One of the ugliest plights on any neighborhood is an abandoned home.  But, who is the owner and how would you find out?   This article's goal is to provide for information that facilitates more neighborhood stability and safety.Santa Clarita abandoned real estate

There should be a central website or database - where anyone can go and type in the address of an abandoned property, then the "property owner" will be notified.  For now, any "regular concerned citizen" can contact a local Realtor, that likes to "Play it forward", give them the property address and they should be able to send you the information on the registered owner.  We do Abandoned Property Recon for the Santa Clarita Valley and the Los Angeles Area as our personal "Play it forward" method. (access by going to our MacBoX resource and typing in the word "abandoned") - or click here!

One for the Banks and Management Companies>

Some cities require the Banks/Owners of Abandoned properties to Register the home with the governing authorities so it can be known.  This is a very smart idea and would protect from Squatters quite well.  With this mechanism in place, the police would have grounds to kick out squatters and potentially arrest them for trespassing if the property had been previously registered as Abandoned.

Here is a great idea for the banks, why not strike a deal with one of the Big Alarm Companies.  Time Warner - ADT - Brinks etc.  Pay them $300.00 bucks or less for the install and $30 a month to monitor the property with a single Motion Detector - or as many as it takes to monitor all of the entry doors.  Post "Protected By" signs out front, in the back and on the windows.  Include that as part of the "sales price".  Have the agent selected to monitor, pre market and list the property be the contact agent if the alarm is set off.  They can have a password etc and notify the authorities if something occurs.

Potentially, this simple act would save the Banks Thousands of Dollars against theft, vandalism, and unnecessary "squatter" eviction.