Funny when the shoes on the other foot isn't it?  REMAX ensures all of your Realtor's sign calls come directly to the specific REMAX agent you hired to sell your home, condo or town-home.  This is a HUGE benefit of our brand and can be expected to bring you HUGE results when it comes to selling real estate.

Santa Clarita home buyers Other brokerages some do not.  In fact, when it comes to "other brokerages", MOST do not.  

REMAX of Valencia California is on the top when it comes to Buyer and Seller representation.  That is why we chose REMAX as a brokerage, after spending some time in the trenches with other real estate companies when both Paris and I were new to the Biz.

Today, REMAX has changed.  It's not the same as it was in the beginning.  REMAX is not the same as it was in 1998 either.

The brand is becoming more established, and some have had issues using REMAX in the sale or procurement of their real estate.  I remember what dad used to say, "You cannot please all of the people all of the time, and you will die trying..."

However, when you look at consumer rating sites - you will find that REMAX and the REMAX Brand has been awarded some hefty achievements - one recently was awarded to REMAX by JD Power in overall customer satisfaction.

That's not too shabby.  We are proud to call REMAX our home and are happy to be an extension of such a well known and top producing brand.

Side Note - We just completed our most recent market reports for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We talked about the current levels of real estate inventory and how buyers can have the best advantage when wanting to purchase real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the other areas of Southern California.

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