A new year has many people wondering how they can live better, many take it a step farther wondering how they can live greener in the Santa Clarita Valley. Reducing your carbon footprint is easier than you may think. Taking steps toward a more environmentally friendly life can be done with minimal effort. Make reducing, reusing, and recycling a part of your everyday life in your Santa Clarita home. Here are a few initial steps toward

  • Recycle. Recycle all types of paper that enter your home, including newspapers, mail, and office paper. In addition recycle aluminum, plastics, and cardboard. Set aside recyclables in your recycle bins, what can’t be picked up curbside can always always be brought to the closest recycle center.
  • Think about your mode of transportation. Santa Clarita has great public transportation. Carpooling and bicycling are other great ways to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Start composting. Compost makes great fertilizer and can greatly improve the health of the soil in your garden. You can do this simply or more hands on by either making piles that will simply rot eventually and turn to soil or by investing in a compost bin or tumbler, turning or stirring regularly, this way will produce usable compost within a month.

These are a few steps that will make your Santa Clarita property greener and help you contribute to a healthier environment. Everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley benefits when those living here do their part.

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